Full Time Extras Needed In Jason Momoa Series Filming In St. Thomas

If it wasn’t enough that Jason Momoa is filming a new TV series close to home… he needs YOU to be in it! Okay, so I over exaggerate. However, this is still pretty cool. The new series is called ‘See,’ and it’ll be on Apple TV PLUS. (See the trailer below). The premise of the show is that “a virus has decimated humankind leaving only two million people alive and without sight”. It will be filmed in St. Thomas, Ontario. Extras will need to be okay with standing outside for 8 hours a day on some days, while outside the former psychiatric hospital on Sunset Drive. Filming takes place between February and July of this year. A “major recruitment” for background cast will take place on Tuesday, January 21st. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Fanshawe Employment Services on Wellington St. in  St. Thomas. Before you go, there are several requirements that you can see HERE. Some of which include being okay with touching (in a blind world where people use physical touch to navigate their space), absolutely no make-up or obvious surgical procedures, and must be okay with wearing REAL fur, REAL wool, REAL leather and hemp.




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