This New Shower Design Washes Your Body For You

For anyone who loves their morning shower but are usually too tired to do anything but stand under the water, here is the perfect invention for you.  Finish engineer Matti Paaso has built a “human car wash” for people that want the same deep clean as their vehicles.  The innovative machine, dubbed the “Humanwash,” is installed with a rotating brush unit that scrubs the neck, shoulders and back at the same speed as a pair of hands.  Paaso, from Helsinki, hopes his unique design can serve the elderly to the injured but it also works perfectly for those who want to enjoy a shower beer or nap.  He said, “It took me more than three years and four different prototypes to get this right. I couldn’t find anything like this when I was doing my research on YouTube.  It is fitted with two motors which control the rotating brush and the vertical movement of the brush. It also has an emergency stop button and automatically stops after 15 minutes.  I designed it for people who have mobility issues, or are injured or are older and struggle to shower themselves.”  The invention is listed on Paaso’s website with a $5,300 price tag, although it is not clear if it is available to buy yet.  The user can wash their entire body in two or three minutes.

Photo Credit: Humanwash via YouTube screenshot

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan