Toronto Mother And Daughter Dress Up As Dinosaurs To Hand Out Free PPE

Nina Antonakes and her daughter Demi wanted to cheer up and protect their Toronto neighbourhood. So what better way than dressing up in giant inflatable dinosaur costumes and handing out face masks?  Nina and Demi, who have been sewing masks for shelters during the coronavirus pandemic, decided to take their family-taught sewing skills on the road and hand out face masks to passersby in Toronto while wearing head-to-toe T-Rex costumes.  Of course, since masks are required, the T-Rexes, named Yonge and Bloor, were wearing masks of their own while distributing the homemade PPE.  In videos of the dinosaur duo which have gone viral, the two are seen holding up signs advertising the “free masks,” and holding out bags for people to help themselves.  Those on social media have praised the pair, calling the move “hilarious.”

Photo Credit: Nina Antonakes via BlogTO

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