The Toronto Zoo Needs Help To Name Two Baby Rhinos

The Toronto Zoo is asking for help naming its two new rhino calves.  Seven year-old female white rhinoceros, Zohari, gave birth to a male calf on Christmas Eve and then Ashakiran — a 13-year-old female greater one-horned rhinoceros — gave birth on January 4th, also to a male calf. The zoo says people will be able to vote on names for the two calves, from a list chosen by the Wildlife Care keeping staff.

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Photo Credit: Screenshot from The Toronto Zoo / Instagram

Presenting the first Zoo baby of 2018 ??. We are excited to announce that Ashakiran, a 13-year-old female greater one-horned rhino, gave birth to a male calf on Thursday, January 4, 2018, at 11:04 am. . A greater one-horned rhino’s gestation lasts 425 – 496 days (approximately 16 months). Ashakiran, affectionately known to her keepers as "Asha", was moved from public viewing into a maternity area mid-December where video cameras were set in place for Wildlife Care staff to monitor her closely. While the calf appears healthy and feeding well, the first thirty days will be critical for both mom and calf. This is the second calf for Asha and father Vishnu. . Watch below to see him nursing from mom, Asha.  #RhinoDiaries #savingspecies

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