Twitter Becomes Latest Social Network To Launch Snapchat-Style Disappearing Messages That Vanish Within 24 Hours

Twitter has launched a new feature that allows users to make tweets disappear after 24 hours, which will roll out to all users in the next couple of days.  Called Fleets, the feature is similar to Snapchat, Instagram Stories and WhatsApp’s new disappearing messages, giving users the option to create posts that later automatically vanish.  Fleets from accounts a person follows will appear along the top of their timeline, much like Stories along the top of Instagram’s landing page.   Fleets – a combination of “fleeting” and “tweet” – cannot be retweeted or receive public responses, but instead must be interacted with through Direct Messages.  Followers can reply to Fleets by sending a private Direct Message, but only if they follow each other or the account holder has their Direct Messages set to open.

Fleets are designed to help users feel more comfortable participating on the platform in a “lower pressure way” without the need to worry about retweets and likes, the firm said.  The feature, which was successfully tested in Brazil and other countries this year, gives users to option to tweet about something in a more private way, which may prevent them from being harassed by strangers on the platform.  Usually, once a tweet is posted by a user they’re visible on an individual’s profile for all to see unless the user proactively decides to delete them.  In the coming days, everyone globally will have Fleets on Twitter for iOS and Android.  Although Fleets from accounts a person follows will appear along the top of their home timeline, any Twitter user who can see another user’s full profile – i.e. if it’s not set to private – can see their Fleets there too.    Anyone who wants to reply to a Fleet can tap on it to send a Direct Message or emoji to the author. They can then continue the conversation in Direct Messages.

Photo Credit: Twitter


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan