Uber Launches Quiet Mode For Passengers Who Don’t Want A Chatty Driver

Uber wants to make it easier for users to ride in silence.  They are launching a new in-app feature that lets users request minimal conversation from the driver while they’re on their way to a destination.   However, users will have to pay a little extra to take advantage of it, as the tool, called “Quiet Mode,” is only available for Uber Black and Uber Black SUV premium rides.  In order to use Quiet Mode, users have to select an Uber Black or Uber Black SUV.  After they enter their destination, there will be an option for “Ride Preferences” on the screen.  Once “Ride Preferences” is selected, it will initiate a pop-up on screen.   Under “Conversation,” select “Quiet preferred,” instead of the default option, which is “No preference.”  Then, hit “Request Uber Black,” and your driver will know what your preferences are ahead of time.  Now, users can take a nap, answer emails or listen to music without interruption from their driver, without having to actually ask the driver to cut the conversation.

Photo Credit: Uber


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan