Vancouver Woman Finds Venomous Scorpion In Her Home Three Weeks After A Cuba Trip

A Canadian woman who found a venomous Caribbean scorpion on the floor of her kitchen said she doesn’t know where the animal came from — but she did recently visit Cuba.  Gail Hammond was washing dishes in her Vancouver home when she spotted what she initially thought was a tiny fake scorpion on her floor.  Hammond realized the creature was real when it ran under her refrigerator, and she and her daughter worked quickly to capture it. They kept it for a few days while deciding what to do and eventually took it to Dewdney Animal Hospital.  Veterinarian Adrian Walton said the scorpion is a venomous species, Heteroctenus junceus, native to the Caribbean.  Hammond said she doesn’t know where the scorpion came from, but she did visit Cuba about three weeks ago, so it’s possible the scorpion stowed away in her luggage and has been hiding in her home since she returned.  The scorpion was taken to a new home at the Victoria Bug Zoo, where experts determined that the creature is pregnant. They have named her Stella, according to CTV News.

Photo Credit: Dewdney Animal Hospital via CTV News


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