[Video] A One In A Million Hole In One At The Masters

[Video] A One In A Million Hole In One At The Masters

The Masters – golf’s most prestigious tournament of the year, will be held this weekend at Augusta National in Georgia. Yesterday the competitors played a practice round. On the 16th hole, the world’s second-ranked player, Jon Rahm managed to pull off a pretty special shot. Rahm skipped his ball across the pond 3 times, rolled it across the green and landed it right the cup.

That’s one 4-iron, three hops off the water, a few more up the embankment and onto the green, and then a gorgeous, counterclockwise sweep into the cup.

What’s even more special: Yesterday was his 26th birthday.

It’s certainly worth noting this wasn’t even Rahm’s first hole-in-one this.  He used a 5-iron at the fourth hole Monday to drain that ace.

Photo Credit: The PGA / The Masters

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