[Video] Air Traveler Posts Video Of Passenger Giving Her Partner A Pedicure During The Flight

A disgusted air traveler has shamed another passenger – after she was spotted giving her partner a pedicure mid-flight.  Lyneé Ruiz was flying to Milwaukee with her husband Jake when she noticed the woman next to them was tending to the toes of her sleeping partner.  In the clip, Ruiz mouths “Oh my God” as she pans her camera over to the pair, believed to be a couple.  A man, who appears to be asleep, is lying against the window with sunglasses on as a blonde woman casually files his toes.  Ruiz tries to hold back laughter as the couple film the mid-air pedicure – quickly moving the camera away as the woman turns towards them.  The video was posted to the Passenger Shaming Instagram page with the caption: “Personal grooming is personal.  Keep that s*** off of public transportation.”  Ruiz said couple engaged in a series of antisocial acts and inappropriate behavior throughout the two-hour flight from Denver, Colorado on Wednesday.

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan