[Video] Bryan Cranston Confirms ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie, Which Reportedly Focuses On Jesse Pinkman

Bryan Cranston was interviewed yesterday, and confirmed the Breaking Bad movie yesterday after reports surfaced that it was happening. He stops short of confirming any involvement himself “I honestly have not even read the script” “I have not gotten the script” he tells the Dan Patrick Show. As to whether Bryan would do it if he was asked to be involved by creator Vince Gilligan, yes! He says “Absolutely. He’s a genius…”

So what is the film about? All reports point to Aaron Paul’s character of Jesse Pinkman. The film was being thrown around Hollywood under a secret title, “Greenbrier,” which is about “a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.” Reports say that man is Jesse Pinkman. Time will tell… Production starts later this month.




Image: Instagram
Story/Vid Credit: Dan Patrick Show

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox