[Video] Bungee Cord Snaps On Slingshot Ride At Florida Amusement Park

A visitor to a Florida amusement park captured video of the moment a bungee cable snapped on a slingshot ride just as it was about to launch with passengers.  Krissy Hurst of Havana said she was filming while a friend and his brother-in-law, who was visiting from California, were about to ride the Vertical Accelerator at Cobra Adventure Park in Panama City Beach.  Hurst’s video captured the moment one of the cords holding the ride shredded into pieces. The two men were removed from the ride.  “They are completely freaked out, still,” Hurst said.  Cobra Adventure Park officials said the ride is functioning and open to the public. They said inspectors are being brought in to ensure the ride remains safe.

Photo Credit: Krissy Hurst via WMBB News 13 via YouTube screenshot

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan