[Video] Check Out These Alligators Frozen In Ice Following Bomb Cyclone

Don’t worry! They are totally ok. It’s just survival instinct. (And excuse the pun… but this is pretty cool.) A park in North Carolina is using the ‘bomb cyclone’ that recently hit as an educational opportunity. This is how alligators survive in a frozen pond. Yes, some people may find it kinda scary, but it’s a way of hibernating. The park says the cold-blooded animals essentially allow themselves to be frozen in place, with their noses just above the surface. Park GM George Howard says alligators seem to instinctively know when the water is about to freeze, and respond by sticking their nose above the surface at just the right moment, allowing the water to freeze around them.

Alligators then enter “a state of brumation, like hibernating.”


The alligators have now thawed out!

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox