[Video] Cubs Batter Falls To One Knee And Cries After His Line Drive Strikes A Toddler In The Stands

Yesterday’s game between the Cubs and Astros took an emotional turn during the end of the fourth inning when a young girl in the stands was struck by foul ball.  Minute Maid Stadium fell silent as Cubs outfielder Albert Almora Jr.’s line-drive collided with a toddler sitting behind Chicago’s third base.  Almora quickly dropped to his knees in tears on the outskirts of the batter’s box, as a panicked father was seen rushing his screaming four-year-old daughter up the stairs and out of the stands.  It took several minutes for Almora to compose himself and continue the at-bat.  Jason Hayward and Cubs manager Joe Maddon rushed to console the father of two during the unexpected interval.  Players from Astros also appeared to be shaken by the worrying scene.  Almora, still rocked from the incident, eventually returned to bat but struck out before walking off of the field still sobbing.  During a break between innings, the 25-year-old returned to the scene of the incident and spoke with a security guard to ascertain an update on the stricken toddler’s condition.  Told that though she was hurt, the little girl appeared to be okay and was conscious which caused Almora to place his head in his glove and start sobbing uncontrollably in relief.  Almora and his wife recently welcomed their second son into the world, offering a possible explanation for the center fielder’s heightened emotions.  No word on the girl’s condition.

Photo Credit: ESPN / Major League Baseball via YouTube screenshot

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan