[Video] Drake Shows Off His Amazing Toronto Condo, And An Update On His Mansion

Drake shared a couple of updates with his fans since he was back home this weekend! He shared video of his Toronto Condo (or ‘temporary residence’ as he put it) that he is enjoying until his mansion is complete. And it’s beautiful! It is right next to the CN Tower and complete with the highest ceilings you’ll see in the city. Check it out below. He also gave fans a bit of an update on his Bridle Path mansion. Including construction of his indoor basketball court and huge bar!  You could tell that Drake was happy to be home after his tour with Migos. He showed up to 2 Raptors games while he was in the city, and captioned one of the posts with “You know. Much respect to everybody that’s working away from home, away from your family, away from your friends. Grindin’. Very thankful for this right here.”



Check out the construction on his Mansion:



Image: Screenshots from Drake/Insta Story and Word On Road

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox