[Video] European Golfer Joost Luiten Almost Kills Girlfriend In Social-Distancing Trick Shot

Dutch golfer Joost Luiten “almost killed” his girlfriend while practicing a trick shot, he wrote on social media this week.  Luiten was practicing a trick shot with his caddy, who was throwing him his golf club from a few feet away due to coronavirus pandemic guidelines, and the golfer was going directly into a swing after he caught his club.  At first, Luiten wasn’t making much contact with the golf ball, but after a few tries at it, he accidentally sent the ball in the direction of his girlfriend, Melanie-Jane Lancaster, who was shooting a video of Luiten nearby.  The video shows Luiten grab his face in shock as Lancaster lets out a cry in pain. Fortunately, she only suffered a bruise from the incident.  “Pff playing golf with a caddy and keeping the 1.5m is hard,” Luiten wrote on Instagram. “Almost killing my girlfriend in the process(sic) trying to master social distancing (she survived, just a bruise).”  Luiten is ranked the 98th golfer in the world.

Photo Credit: Joost Luiten via Instagram

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