[Video] Joey Chestnut Breaks The Big Mac World Record

Joey Chestnut may be best known as the 12-time winner of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, an annual belly-stuffing showdown held every Fourth of July on Coney Island. Last year, he downed a hefty 71 franks in just 10 minutes — still three hot dogs short of his 2018 record of 74.  Now, he set his eyes on the McDonald’s Big Mac, and filmed the feat as proof of his record-breaking attempt.  “Today’s my cheat day, and I’m going to do something I’ve always wanted to do,” Chestnut told YouTube viewers on Thursday.  “I’m going to try to break the Big Mac record.”  Using UberEats, he racked-up an order for 32 Big Macs — to beat the previous record of 30 — from an Indianapolis-area McDonald’s.  One Big Mac clocks-in at 540 calories. Chestnut also noted that, on McD’s own smartphone app, they limit the order to just 15 burgers.  The burger bevvy, he notes in the video, contains 15.36-pounds of food for a total of 18,016 calories.  “I’m excited,” he said. “This is like a dream of mine since I was a kid.”

Photo Credit: Joey Chestnut via YouTube screenshot


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