[Video] Justin Timberlake’s Publicist Claims Nothing Happened After Video With New Co-Star Circulates

The Sun UK managed to nab a video of (an obviously hammered) Justin Timberlake and his new co-star this weekend. It seemed like a fun party, and Justin is seen sitting on a balcony in New Orleans, inebriated, when his co-star sits down beside him and puts her hand on his knee. A little later, the two hold hands. It seems like it’s possible they thought the table they were at would cover it, but it did not. Fans are divided, with some saying it seems as though he was super drunk and it wasn’t a big deal, others point out it certainly is a big deal… and based on Jessica’s affair clause in their prenup — she likely would think it is too! Many fans notice that Justin is without a ring as well (which may not be a huge deal when you are an actor, and everyone knows you have a wife and kids). Reps for both actors say nothing happened…. of course.  That said, when something is blown up like this and it’s played out in public, it’s hard for a couple to deal with that. The price of fame.



Video and Image: Daily Mail

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