[Video] New York Woman Is Caught On Camera Coughing Over A Customer In A Bagel Shop

Another “Karen” was caught on camera deliberately coughing over a fellow customer at a bagel shop in New York City after being called out for not wearing a face mask during the coronavirus pandemic.  The customer was picking up her order in the Manhattan bagel bar when she appeared to lose her temper after being told that she was putting other people at risk by not wearing a face covering.   The incident which happened at New York City Bagel Coffee House last week saw the woman go up to another lady who was standing in line, before deliberately coughing on her.  The woman has been identified online as Lauren Balsamo, who used to work as an assistant research coordinator at medical college Weill Cornell Medicine.  Things hit the fan after a customer who was wearing a mask, Ally Goodbaum, suggested that a mandatory “mask-on” policy be introduced to all patrons entering the store.   As soon as the woman overheard the complaint, she began attacking Goodbaum at first verbally and then physically.  “You can’t say it to my face you p****?” she asked before walking straight up to Goodbaum and coughing in her face.   “What the f*** is wrong with you?” Goodbaum said.  Incredibly, the workers in the store still served the abusive woman her drinks and food before she walked out the store.  On Saturday afternoon, the coughing culprit was identified as Lauren Balsamo who worked at Weill Cornell Medicine until January of this year.  The college confirmed her identity in a post on social media and were quick to distance themselves from their former employee in a statement.  In a statement on Instagram, the college wrote: “Weill Cornell Medicine condemns the actions recently exhibited by a former employee in a video circulating on social media.”  In a similar statement on Twitter, they wrote: “Lauren Balsamo has not been an employee of WCM since January 2020.  As an institution on the COVID-19 frontlines, this behavior is shocking & abhorrent to us.  Since WCM’s mission is to protect the health & wellbeing of all NYers, we condemn this flagrant disregard of public safety.”

Posted by Ally Goodbaum on Saturday, June 6, 2020

Photo Credit: Facebook screenshot – Ally Goodman


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