[Video] Nik Wallenda Makes Death-Defying Walk Across Active Volcano

Nik Wallenda walked 1800 feet along a steel highwire over the active Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua on live TV last night.  Not just that, but before the stunt, Erendira Wallenda did some aerial work above the volcano, too.Yes… they are very nuts and very brave. The volcano – Masaya – is one of only eight volcanoes in the world that has an active lava lake and generates heat of about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, or almost 1,100 degrees Celsius.  He was attached the whole time to a safety harness and had to pass through foggy conditions that required tracking his movements with special thermal cameras.   In addition, he performed while having to stomach the egg-like smell toxic sulfur dioxide emanating from the lava, which can burn eyes and lungs and cause dizziness.  “My eyes did start to burn,” he admitted, even though he was wearing goggles for protection.  “Thank God they didn’t start to fog up,” he said.  He also ran the risk of being burned by corrosive acid created when water vapor mixes with the sulfur dioxide.






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