Video On How To Save Money By Tipping Less Goes Viral Because It’s Really Ticking People Off

Everyone likes to save money. But CNBC is catching some major flak  for a segment that suggests viewers save a few dollars by tipping less when they go to restaurants.  “This simple tipping trick could save you over $400 a year” is the name of the video, posted by CNBC Monday. (Note: the piece was actually posted in February 2018 but has resurfaced recently, after the outlet tweeted the video that accompanies the story.)

Hosted by correspondent Zack Guzman, the trick is simple: restaurant diners should tip based on the pre-tax amount, rather than the post-tax amount.  Guzman also suggests another trick: rather than tip 20 percent on the amount, customers should simply double the tax. The segment concludes that by tipping that way, customers (assuming they go out to eat a whole lot), can save up to $400 a year. Naturally, restaurant staff and advocates are not happy with this idea being floated around.

Photo Credit: CNBC via Screenshot

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