[Video] Premier Ford Is Not Impressed With The Audit Of Ontario’s Pandemic Response

Ontario’s response to COVID19 was slow, reactive and hampered by “delays and confusion in decision-making.” That’s according to the province’s auditor general, who released a special report yesterday examining Ontario’s emergency management of the pandemic. Bonnie Lysyk says outdated provincial emergency plans, old IT systems and lack of laboratory surge capacity slowed down the response in the winter and spring. Lysyk also found the province’s chief medical officer of health did not fully exercise his powers or issue directives to keep the response consistent across regions.

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Premier Ford and the Health Minister have blasted the report, claiming there are 21-pages of mistakes or inaccuracies. Ford also noted that the auditor general’s job is not to be a doctor, but to audit programs to ensure tax payers get good value for their money. The Premier says there is “no daylight” between him and Dr David Williams, who has been part of every key decision since the pandemic was declared. Health Minister Christine Elliot says the auditor general mischaracterized the province’s response to the COVID19 pandemic. Elliot says the province has been decisive at every turn and has always followed the recommendations of chief medical health officer Doctor David Williams.

Here is Premier Ford commenting on the report:

Photo Credit: CPAC via YouTube screenshot


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan