[Video] The Death Toll Has Reached 40 After A Plane Landed In Flames Yesterday

Multiple people are dead and many others are injured after a plane belonging to Russian national carrier “Aeroflot” landed while in flames at a Moscow airport yesterday. Video footage shows the regional jet landing with fire engulfing the rear section and passengers jumping from the burning aircraft. Russian media report the fire broke out after shortly after the flight carrying 78 people had taken off for the northern city of Murmansk, forcing it to return to the airport. Russian officials are giving out conflicting numbers on the death toll from the incident but confirm at least 40 people died. Russia’s Investigative Committee says 41 people died and 37 people survived. Russia’s health minister hasn’t given a death toll, but said that 38 people survived.

Photo Credit: Instagram: @Mikkentosh

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan