[Video] WWE In Uproar Over Star Forcing Tampon Down Rival’s Throat

Warning: This story and the video below may be disturbing to some. Discretion is advised. 

A WWE competitor pulled out her tampon and shoved it down an opponent’s throat.  Priscilla Kelly’s stunt from December’s Suburban Fight event quickly went viral as thousands were left repulsed by the spot in her match.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross was one of those leading the charge, calling it “embarrassing.”  Former WWE superstar Gail Kim wrote on Twitter: “I’m seeing this post of a women’s match that got disgusting and I’m not gonna repost it Bc it’s seriously a disgrace.  Why???  Whoever thought that was a spot that was gonna get a pop and was worth it….. NO.  how about telling a story in the ring with your wrestling instead?”  And DX legend “Road Dogg” Jesse James commented: “This stuff is the reason some people despise our industry.  It’s got nothing to do with ‘taking life seriously’ it’s about dignity and a personal pride. She obviously has none!

But Kelly, who lost to Deonna Purrazzo in the first round of the Mae Young Classic last year, has come out fighting in her defense.  She claimed people were only shocked because it involved a “vagina,” while in wrestling “a penis is funny and awesome.”  Kelly tweeted: “Hey guys. Ya know, it’s all fake. 21+ show with a bar. Can’t take life so serious all the time.”  “A penis is funny and awesome. A vagina is disgusting and trashy. #Equality?”  Kelly shot to fame initially after appearing on reality TV show “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding,” and she used to go under the nickname of “Gypsy Princess” or “Gypsy Queen.”  She has since changed her persona to a much more sexual and gothic tone, and she is known as “Hell’s Favourite Harlot” and regularly licks and bites her opponents.

Photo Credit: ZSS ONEBro via YouTube screenshot

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