Viral “Jeopardy!” Clip Appears To Show James Holzhauer’s Defeat

A video clip appearing to show “Jeopardy!” champ James Holzhauer’s historic run come to an end made the rounds yesterday on social media.  The minute-long snippet — believed to be a leaked clip from an episode expected to air tonight – picks up as the contestants reveal their responses in the Final Jeopardy segment, and ends with James in an unfamiliar position: Second place, trailing leader Emma Boettcher by $3,200.  Though Holzhauer offered the correct response — “Who is [16th-century English playwright] Kit Marlowe?” — he bet an uncharacteristically low sum.  “His wager, a modest one for the first time,” said an audibly surprised Alex Trebek, as it was revealed that Holzhauer had bet a conservative $1,399, bumping his score from $23,400 to $24,799.  Boettcher, who led with $26,600, sealed the deal and her place in game-show lore by also acing Final Jeopardy, wagering $20,201 to net a total of $46,801 — along with gasps from Trebek and the audience.  “Oh gosh! What a payday,” said Trebek, as Holzhauer strolled across the podium to give the giant-killer a sporting high-five. “What a game! Oh my gosh!”  The apparent stumble cuts down Holzhauer after a 32 consecutive wins, good for a total haul of $2,464,216, including the $2,000 he would receive for finishing second on Monday’s episode.  He comes up short, however, of besting legend Ken Jennings, who notched 74 wins good for $2,520,700 in 2004.

Photo Credits: New York Post via Twitter

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