[WATCH] David Blaine Survives Crazy Balloon Stunt

David Blaine survived his wildest and craziest feat yet yesterday afternoon in the Great Basin Desert in Page, Arizona.  He flew into the air strapped to 52 helium-filled weather balloons, which he released before parachuting down to his starting point. Blaine’s “Ascension” project was live-streamed on YouTube.  Although he said he only expected to reach 18,000 feet, Blaine actually made it up to 24,900 feet before taking the plunge.  In addition to potentially crashing into the ground, Blaine faced hypothermia and hypoxia, a condition that occurs when the body’s oxygen becomes scarce.  It was a performance 10 years in the making. Blaine had to carry out 500 airplane jumps, earn a hot air balloon license and learn to read wind patterns in order to make his “dream” a reality.  Blaine originally wanted to fly over the Hudson River from New Jersey to New York City, but he had to scrap that plan due to unpredictable winds.



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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan