WE Organization Is Packing Up And Leaving Canada – Future Of The Investigation Unclear

WE Charity is shutting down its operations in Canada. Co-founders Craig and Marc Kielburger plan to leave the Toronto-based youth organization after the transition to a new board of governors. The brothers say the controversy from the Liberal government’s plans to have the organization run a multimillion-dollar student-volunteer program is to blame. WE’s Canadian staff will be laid off in the coming months and its property in Canada will be sold, including its Toronto headquarters.

The Opposition parties in Ottawa say the shutdown of WE Charity’s Canadian operations on Wednesday brings a long-simmering controversy back to the political forefront. New Democrat MP Charlie Angus says that during a parliamentary investigation, they discovered that the charity had grown very quickly, over-extending themselves and were in economic free fall. He says the latest twist suggests that the group was desperate to play on their links to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s family. The since-cancelled deal to have WE run the Canada Student Service Grant is expected to resurface when Parliament resumes September 23rd.

Photo Credit: Parliament of Canada

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan