What You Need To Know About Today’s Winter Storm

The storm we are getting today is going to be a doozy. Environment Canada says we should post-pone all non-essential travel until conditions improve tomorrow. Today we can expect a combination of 15 to 25 cm snow and ice pellets, possible freezing rain, and strong winds of between 70-80 km/h. This morning the blowing snow will create blizzard like conditions. Visibility should improve during the afternoon as the snow changes to ice pellets. There is also a risk of freezing rain later this afternoon. This is going to continue tonight and by tomorrow we could have up to 25cm on the ground.

This winter weather has already had an impact on today. Airlines are already canceling some flights at Pearson and there will be delays all day long. Transit will also be running much slower. For those who are driving, top up your windshield washer fluid (you’re going to need it) and prepare for extensive delays in winter driving conditions.

Photo Credit: Environment Canada


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Scott Fox
Scott Fox