Wife Of Sens Captain Erik Karlsson Files Order Of Protection Against Teammates Girlfriend

This is such a crazy (and potentially) scary situation, but Melinda Karlsson, who is the wife of the Ottawa Senators captain Erik Karlsson, just filed an order of protection against a girlfriend of one of his teammates. Erik’s wife Melinda filed some details about what Monika Caryk, longtime girlfriend to Sens player Mike Hoffman has been allegedly saying and doing. The filing with the courts reads:

“Monika Caryk has uttered numerous statements wishing my unborn child dead. She also uttered that she wished I was dead and that someone should ‘take out’ my husband’s legs to ‘end his career. Monika Caryk has posted over 1,000 negative and derogatory statements about me as a professional,”

She also accuses the couple of creating ‘burner accounts’ on Instagram and posting things on Erik’s accounts following the death of their son. For those that don’t know, Erik and Melinda lost their baby in March and they were devastated. According to the Ottawa Citizen, Melinda is alleging there has been continued harassment about it, including comments on his Instagram post that read: “I feel bad for the baby he didn’t have a chance with Melinda popping pain killer medication everyday.” Police are involved. No charges yet. The Ottawa Sentators and Mike Hoffman have released statements. The Sens say they are allowing police to investigate and will cooperate fully to make sure their players and families are protected. Mike, meanwhile, is denying this has anything to do with he and his girlfriend. See his statement below.


Mike Hoffman also released a statement:

“There is a 150 per cent chance that my fiancee Monika and I are not involved in any of the accusations that have been pursued (that are) coming our way. We totally understand there’s no place for cyber-bullying. We’ve offered to co-operate and do anything it takes to find out who is doing this, and support [the Karlssons]. Obviously this is a tough time that they’re going through, and we want to find out who is doing this, because for some reason it’s coming into our court, and it’s 150 per cent that it’s not us. We have nothing to hide. We’re willing to co-operate in any way to solve this and figure it out, and prove that it wasn’t us.”


Story: Twitter/Ottawa Citizen
Cover Image: Erik/Instagram

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox