Woman Acquitted Of Impaired Driving Charges In A Deadly Crash Because Her Rights Were Violated

Ontario’s top court has ruled that a woman that was involved in a deadly head-on crash in Oshawa is off the hook on drunk-driving charges … because a police officer asked a hospital nurse for the results of her urine test before obtaining a search warrant to seize her samples. In upholding the acquittal yesterday, the Court of Appeal ruled that was a breach of her constitutional rights which outweighed the public’s interest in seeing her tried for a serious crash.

In October 2014, the car Brynn Campbell was driving in Oshawa, collided with another car driving in the wrong direction, killing an 83-year-old woman. Police later obtained a warrant to seize Campbell’s urine samples, and charged her with drunk driving causing death. In obtaining the warrant, court records show, an investigating officer claimed to have “overheard” a nurse mention the results of Campbell’s urinalysis, but, her father testified the officer specifically asked the nurse for the results.

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The Canadian Press

Photo Credit: Durham Regional Police

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox