Woman Called 911 To Order A Pizza – It May Have Saved A Life

This was quick thinking by both the victim of a crime and a 911 dispatcher. A 38-year-old woman in Ohio called 911 earlier this month and said,  “I would like to order a pizza” and then proceeded to give her address. The 911 dispatcher that took the call is named Tim Teneyck.  Initially, Tim told the woman it was the wrong number to call for a pizza. But when the woman kept talking, he realized what was actually happening.  She needed help but she couldn’t say it out loud.  While he asked her yes or no questions, she answered with “Yup. I need a large pizza” and “No. With pepperoni.” Tim said to her, “I’m getting you now, okay . . . the guy still there?”  And the woman responded, “Yeah, I need a large pizza.

After he was done with his initial intake, he asked if she could stay on the phone, but she declined. When he dispatched police, he made sure they understood that this was an alleged situation of domestic violence. “Alright, turn your sirens off before you get there,” TenEyck said in the dispatch call to police. “Caller ordered a pizza, and agreed with everything I said. There’s domestic violence going on.

The woman lives with her mother.  And her mother’s boyfriend is a 56-year-old guy who’d just come home drunk and was attacking her mom.  And the woman didn’t want him to know she was calling 911.  The police arrived quickly and arrested the man for domestic violence.

Photo Credit: CNN Headline News via screenshot


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan