Woman Claims Her Husband Got Chlamydia From Wearing A Face Mask While On A Business Trip

A woman is being mocked online after claiming her husband contracted chlamydia from wearing a protective face mask on a business trip.   Twitter user @Jenwifonen shared a screenshot of the now-viral comment that was posted on WIS TV’s Facebook page on Thursday, writing: “Y’all… this just happened on our local news site… what is life.”  The woman, who is named Cheryl, was responding to a woman who alleged she had gotten an infection from wearing a mask when she wrote: “My husband had to wear a mask on a business trip and now he has clamedia [sic].”  Many people assumed she was referring to the sexually transmitted infection chlamydia, which is contracted through sex.  “…do you mean chlamydia? The STI?” a Facebook user named Harmony asked.  “No he got it from the mask,” Cheryl replied, prompting Harmony to gently explain what she is implying with her claim.   “Unless there’s another illness with a similar name that didn’t show up on a Google search… because it REALLY sounds like you’re telling folks your husband cheated on you while he was on his business trip and told you it was from a mask,” she wrote.

The Twitter user’s post about the conversation has gone viral and been retweeted more than 46,000 times.   People have been taking to the comments to poke fun at Cheryl’s apparent confusion as well as her misspelling of the STI.  “My coworker and I went on a business trip and she’s now carrying my child because we both wore masks. MY WIFE IS FURIOUS AT THE GOVERNOR!” one person joked.  “Clamedia? From wearing a mask? While her man is on a business trip. Ummmm. Wow. Ok. Kind of too much to unpack here. Girl. Go get tested,” another commented.

Photo Credit: Twitter screenshot

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan