Woman Finds Out Boyfriend Is Cheating From A Starbucks Cup

Woman Finds Out Boyfriend Is Cheating From A Starbucks Cup

A woman has gone viral for her response to a question that has been gaining popularity on TikTok: “What is the craziest way you have found out someone was cheating on you?” Danielle Brown begins her story on the video sharing platform by stating her boyfriend had come home late with a Starbucks cup. When asked where he was, Brown claims her boyfriend told her he had gone out for coffee before setting down the beverage and going upstairs. “I walk over to take a sip of it because he didn’t get me one,” Brown says in the video. Once the woman picks up the cup, she claims she noticed something off. “This dummy,” Brown says as a photo of the coffee cup shows up in the background with the name “Britney” on it. According to Brown, that was the name of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. “He went with his ex and [Starbucks] put her name on the cup because she obviously ordered their coffee,” Brown says. When confronted, Brown said her boyfriend claimed it was the Starbucks barista’s name who for some reason had written it on the cup, insisting that it couldn’t be his ex because “that’s not even how you spell her name.” Brown responded by taking the coffee and throwing it at him, she shared. In a final twist in the video, Brown said she took him back the next week. Eventually, the woman does disclose she did break it off with the guy.



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