Woman Recreating Fifty Shades Of Grey Scene Is Rescued By Police Who Thought She’d Been Kidnapped

A woman recreating a Fifty Shades of Grey scene by binding her hands and neck in her car was rescued by police who thought she had been kidnapped.  A tourist said the woman was found inside a car at a popular beach with her hands tied to the steering wheel and packing tape around her neck.  But when cops arrived on the scene, they found it was a false alarm and that the highly embarrassed woman was only trying to recreate a sexy scene from the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey.”  She confessed a fantasy game had gotten out of hand and she nearly strangled herself in the process.  The woman herself called for help because she feared she was going to choke to death.  It is understood she had been there for two hours.  She was found in the driver’s seat, wearing ordinary clothing but with her wrists shackled to the steering wheel with plastic ties.  Both hands were bruised and inflamed. In addition, she had packing tape around her neck, so tight that she could not speak and had serious breathing problems.  A camper on the beach said he had heard the sound of a car horn and had seen the woman banging her head against it to raise the alarm.  Doctors at a hospital in Santa Cruz said she needed treatment for the improper use of the bridles.

Photo Credit: Vintage Books / E.L. James


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