Wrestler In Jack Black Film Dies During Match

A Mexican wrestler who appeared in the Jack Black movie Nacho Libre died during a match on Saturday from an apparent heart attack.  Cesar Gonzalez Barron, who wrestled as The Silver King, was 51. Those who saw the 2006 movie might remember him for his portrayal of the villain Ramses.  Yesterday, Black paid tribute to Barron on Instagram. Barron collapsed during the match, but all accounts say everybody—the audience, the referee, and his opponent—appeared to think it was part of act. The ref ordered him up off the mat, but Barron was unresponsive as his opponent lifted his leg for the pin.  By the Guardian’s count, he lay there for more than two minutes before help was summoned. “It seemed to be part of the show at first but then he didn’t get up—and then the medical team was on the stage. Everybody was cleared out,” a member of the audience said.  The official cause of death has not been released, but Scotland Yard is treating it as “non-suspicious.”

Photo Credits: WWE via Twitter

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