Yesterday’s Rollout Of Edibles In Ontario Did Not Go As Planned

Yesterday was supposed to be the first day in which Ontario residents could buy cannabis edibles in stores, but many were out of luck. The Ontario Cannabis Store, the province’s pot distributor, says many retailers had not yet received their shipments. But they say the new wave of products is on its way and should be more widely available this week. The O.C.S. is making 59 products available now, including edibles, beverages and lotions, with plans to add more over the coming months.

From the Ontario Cannabis Store:

Over 100 Cannabis 2.0 products are expected to be available for sale within the first few months of 2020. Here’s a look at what product types authorized retail cannabis stores and will be offering:

  • Edibles: will offer edibles for between $7 and $14.
  • Beverages: will offer beverages for between $4 and $10
  • Vapes: will offer vape products for between $25 and $125.
  • Topicals: will offer topicals for between $15 and $55.
  • Extracts: will offer concentrates for between $30 and $70

Photo Credit: Ontario Cannabis Store


Today Edibles And Other Cannabis Products Go On Sale In Ontario – Kinda

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