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It’s Election Day – Here’s What You Need To Know

It’s Election Day in Canada. All 338 ridings across the country will all elect a member of parliament to represent them in Ottawa. Polling stations will be open for 12-hours. They are open from 9:30am until 9:30pm (in Ontario) and results will start to come in shortly after that. Election Day  actually starts on the East Coast at 8:30am local … Read more

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Dennis Quaid Reportedly Engaged To Girlfriend

Many outlets are reporting that Dennis Quaid is engaged to marry his girlfriend. They also make it a point to note that he is 65 and she is 26. No word where the … Read more

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This Year’s Neiman Marcus Catalog Includes A James Bond Car And A Moet Vending Machine

The 93 annual Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog of ridiculously expensive gifts for the holidays is out.  This year’s includes a luxury dog house for $70,000, a $700,000 James Bond Aston Martin designed by Daniel Craig, a $1,550 Versace punching bag and much more.

Here are a few highlights from the catalog:

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There Is Now A Sexy Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich Costume

It’s down to crunch time when it comes to finding your Halloween costume. As of today, we are 10-days away. Every year people seem to be more and more surprised by the amount of “sexy costumes” flooding the market. This may be the strangest one yet. Yandy has created the Sexy Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich costume.  It’s basically a … Read more

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Halsey Covers Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ And Says She Wants To Collaborate With Her!

Halsey was a special guest at a Festival called We Can Survive, a benefit for Cancer research. The festuval had a few special guests including Taylor Swift, Lizzo and Billy Ellish as well. During Halsey’s time on stage, she … Read more

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Family Seeking Donations For Life Saving Drug To Help 2-Month-Old Eva

A donation page has been set up in honour of little Eva. … Read more

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Wearing Earbuds All the Time Could Lead to Ear Infections

Disturbing details of what happens inside the ear of a person who regularly uses earphones or earpods have been revealed via new research. According to Lisa Hellwege,  clinical director of Earworx, “Ears have an efficient self-cleaning mechanism that takes care of removing the buildup of dirt, sweat, dead skin, oil and hair”. But the process can be compromised … Read more

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The Clueless Reboot Details Are Here … And They Are Interesting

“Clueless” reboot is reportedly being developed as an hour-long TV show with “a mystery twist.”  Deadline is reporting that Cher, the main character played by Alicia Silverstone in the original, goes missing.… Read more

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Jennifer Lawrence Is Getting Hitched This Weekend!

Jennifer Lawrence gets married this weekend. She’s marrying Cooke Maroney  in Newport, Rhode Island.… Read more

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Episode 103 – Why Is Shawarma So Messy?

Simple question: Why do they put so much garlic sauce on a shawarma? Also, the 401 west bound is a mess. And Superior Automotive … Read more

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Guelph Man Charged With Child Porn Offenses

A 31-year old Guelph man is facing child porn charges. Yesterday several Guelph police units, as well as the Waterloo regional police technical crimes unit, searched a home in the … Read more

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[Video] Check Out The Trailer For Peter Rabbit 2

You have to wait until Easter 2020 to see it, but the trailer for the new Peter Rabbit is here! Bea, Thomas, and the rabbits have … Read more

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Netflix Knows You Are Sharing Your Password With Other People — And They Are Working On Finding You

Hey all you Netflix password sharers… Netflix knows…. And they are coming for you! Okay, we kid, it isn’t that dramatic at all. … Read more

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[Video] Lady GAGA Falls Off The Stage In Vegas After Fan Picks Her Up

A fan attending Lady GAGA’s Las Vegas show was trying to show off some muscle… and ended up tossing her off the stage. Don’t… Read more

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Kellogg’s All Together Cereal Is Available Today Only – Promoting Diversity And LGBTQ Awareness

Kellogg’s has announced they will be selling a box of cereal that is actually all six of their top cereals mixed together.  Here’s the catch: if you want one, act fast. They are only available for today only at KelloggStore.com. The combination is called “All Together” cereal. Each box costs $19.99.  It’s a mix of Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, … Read more

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Marineland Wants To Sell Some Beluga Whales

Marineland has applied for permits to sell five beluga whales to an American aquarium. Marineland says Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut plans to use them for research and breeding, which are currently banned in Canada. Financial terms were not provided but Marineland says Mystic’s research should significantly improve our understanding of belugas. Moving the five whales to the U.S. in January … Read more

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Police Make A Massive Human Trafficking Bust

York Regional Police say they’re still looking for 11 people in connection with an alleged human trafficking ring that spanned multiple provinces. Yesterday they announced they arrested 31 people and laid more than 300 charges in the case. They say those charges stemmed from 12 women identified as trafficking victims, but say the ring was in contact with at least … Read more

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It’s The 1-Year Anniversary Of Legal Marijuana – Edibles Become Legal Today

It’s been exactly one year since Canada legalized recreational marijuana. Police say there is still work to do in detecting pot impaired drivers and eliminating the black market. Also as of today … edibles are legal in Canada. But we won’t see them on shelves anytime soon.  Federally licensed producers must first get approval from Health Canada to produce the … Read more

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[Video] Katy Perry Releases New Track And Music Video: ‘Harleys In Hawaii’

We have new music from Katy Perry,! the track is called Harleys In Hawaii.  is out now. And so is the music video. Elle Dee played it for you yesterday for the first time. If you wanna… Read more

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The Most Powerful People in Entertainment 2019 According To THR

The annual list of the 100 most powerful people in entertainment is here. … Read more

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