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UPDATE – Lea Michele Issues Apology For Mistreating Co-Stars After Being Called Out

Lea Michele just lost a huge endorsement and many more might follow after accusations from cast members of GLEE and other productions she has been in. … Read more

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Pepper Spray And Black Lives Matter Shirts Become Amazon Best Sellers

Protest gear is selling like hotcakes on Amazon.  Pepper spray and “Black Lives Matter” merchandise have become some of the e-tailer’s best sellers amid raging demonstrations over the police killing of George Floyd.  A pocket-sized bottle of pepper spray with a keychain attachment was the top-selling item in Amazon’s “Sports & Outdoors” section as of early … Read more

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Black Drivers More Likely To Be Pulled Over During Day

Researchers at Stanford University led the largest-ever study specifically focusing on racial profiling during traffic stops. They say that while black drivers are more likely to be pulled over than white drivers during the day, the shade of night reduces the likelihood that they’ll be stopped because “a veil of darkness” masks their faces.  The term “veil Read more

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Judge Rules That Carole Baskin Can Take Over Joe Exotic’s Zoo

A court just ruled that Carole Baskin gets to take over Joe Exotic’s Zoo. A federal judge granted Carole’s Big Cat Rescue control … Read more

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Apple Is Tracking iPhones Stolen By Looters

Apple has an eerie message for the looters who have pillaged its stores during recent protests: We’re watching you.  Thieves who made off with iPhones from ransacked Apple retail locations in recent days quickly learned that the gadgets were loaded with special security software, as they displayed a message on their screens indicating that their locations were being monitored.  “… Read more

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The Latest On Anti-Racism Protests And The Death Of George Floyd

Despite an 8pm curfew thousands of defiant demonstrators continued to march through the streets on New York City, late into the night– but much of the recent destruction and looting seems to have been tempered. Mayor Bill de Blasio shifted the citywide curfew from 11pm to the earlier hour, while at the same time rejecting President Trump’s demands that he … Read more

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Ontario’s COVID19 Case Count Climbs Again – Full Update

Yesterday Ontario reported 446 new COVID-19 cases, a 1.6 per cent increase over the previous day. There were also 17 more deaths, bringing the total to nearly 2,300. Of the 28,700 cases in the province, roughly … Read more

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Blackout Tuesday And Protests In America

This one is all about the protests happening in America, anti-black racism and how all of us can be part of the solution. … Read more

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Floyd Mayweather Is Paying For George Floyd’s Funeral

Flyod Mayweather has stepped up big time following the death of George Floyd. TMZ confirmed that Floyd reached out to the family and offered to pay for all 4 services… Read more

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Another Night Of Protests In America After Trump Called In The Military

Anti-racism and anti-police brutality protests have rocked much of the U.S. for a week now. Yesterday evening, President Trump threatened to deploy the United States military unless states quickly halt the violence that has dogged many of the demonstrations. Shortly after his Rose Garden speech — and ahead of Washington’s curfew — law enforcement officers used tear gas to clear … Read more

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WWE Makes Streaming Service Free Again For A Limited Time

The WWE announced that a free version of its streaming network is launching once again.… Read more

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Today Is Blackout Tuesday

Today is blackout Tuesday. The music industry has basically staged a blackout across the board. That means … Read more

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Lady Gaga And Ariana Grande’s ‘Rain On Me’ Breaks Several Records On Billboard

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s collaboration “Rain on Me” has debuted at number-one on the Billboard Hot 100, making chart history in several ways.… Read more

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Ontario Extending The State Of Emergency Until At Least June 30 – Full COVID-19 Update

Politicians will be in the legislature today to debate extending Ontario’s state of emergency measures meant to combat the spread of COVID-19. The measure, is expected to pass. It would extend the state of emergency until June 30. The measure bans gatherings larger than five people and continues the closure of some businesses.

Mobile Testing Units:

Premier Ford says COVID-19 … Read more

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New Nike Campaign Following Death Of George Floyd

Nike has released a new ad on social media urging people to join the fight against racism in America following the death of black man George Floyd.  The brand, famously known for its “just do it” slogan, flipped its catchphrase to “don’t do it” as it delivered a powerful message against police brutality and racism.   “… Read more

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Costco Bringing Back Free Samples – But It’s Not Going To Be Like It Was

After temporarily discontinuing the practice in early March, Costco is planning to once again offer free samples at its stores – but only on a “slow rollout basis.”  Speaking in a third-quarter earnings call on Thursday, Costco CFO Richard Galanti revealed that he expects store locations to resume sample giveaways this month.  “We’re going to start doing Read more

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Forbes Says Kylie Jenner Lied And Forged Documents To Make It Seem Like She Is A Billionaire

You might remember in 2019, Forbes gave Kylie Jenner the title of youngest self-made billionaire. They now take that back. In fact… Forbes is now accusing her of lying about her finances.… Read more

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Monkeys Steal Coronavirus Blood Samples From Lab Worker

A mob of monkeys stormed a lab worker in India and snatched several coronavirus-positive blood samples — causing outbreak-fearing neighbours to go ape, according to a report Friday.  In the attack, a laboratory technician was carrying boxes of the blood across the campus of a state-run medical college in Meerut, near Delhi, when the primates pounced.  “Monkeys grabbed Read more

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Bingeman’s In Kitchener Is Running A Gourmet Poutine Drive-Thru This Weekend

Bingeman’s in Kitchener is doing something fun on Saturday. They are running a “Grand poutine drive-thru“.  There is an excess of potatoes due to the closures of so many restaurants. So Bingemans decided the best way to help our potato farmers is a massive Poutine event. There will be several lanes open to get your poutine in their … Read more

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[Video] Beyonce, Halsey, Ariana Grande, Nick Cannon, Jamie Foxx, And More Protest Following The Death Of George Floyd

So many celebrities are speaking out and taking part in protests following the death of George Floyd. … Read more

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Ontario To Amend Labour Laws And Hydro Rate Relief Extended – Full COVID19 Update

Ontario is temporarily amending its labour laws to help businesses avoid permanently laying off workers and paying out severance — which could send some into bankruptcy during the pandemic. The government is expected to announce today that it will amend the Employment Standards Act, which requires businesses to terminate employees who’ve been laid off for 13 weeks. The law then … Read more

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This One Is Mainly About Sex

Meet the couple planning a post-pandemic orgy, a sexual fantasy with a twist, Good scotch, virtual graduations, preparing for the Top Choice Awards and the CNN reporter that was arrested on-air. … Read more

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Whatchamacallit Candy Bar Maker Asking Fans To Help Name Its Newest Creation

Whatchamacallit, owned by Hershey’s, is expanding its “wacky, crazy, crunchy, chewy” brand by releasing another equally layered and equally zany confection in July.  However, instead of adding another no-named bar to its repertoire, Whatchamacallit wants its fans to weigh in.  The as-yet-to-be-named candy, the first released under the Whatchamacallit brand in 10 years, will be made up of … Read more

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Here Is What’s Coming To Netflix In June

A couple of standouts in June include the final seasons of Fuller House and 13 Reasons Why. … Read more

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Bottle Of Cognac From 1762 Sells For $146,000

A 1762 vintage bottle of cognac, one of the oldest surviving cognacs in the world, sold for $146,000 at an online auction.  The Gautier cognac, one of only three surviving bottles of the spirit, was sold yesterday by Sotheby’s auction house.  The bottle is known as the “grand frere,” or “big brother,” as it is the … Read more

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[PICS] Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis’ Mansion In The Hills Is Up For Sale

Ashton Kutcher and wife Mila Kunis listed their Beverly Hills mansion… Read more

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Starbucks Canada Will Open Their Doors At Most Locations This Weekend

By this weekend, two-thirds of Starbucks stores across Canada will offer grab-and-go service.… Read more

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[Video] Twitter Flags Trump Tweet About Last Night’s Violence Related To The Killing Of George Floyd

Police in Minneapolis were forced to abandon their precinct after massive crowds of protesters began to set the building on fire. The thousands of protesters were angry over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died while pleading for air as a white police officer kneeled on his neck. Several other buildings were torched, marking the third night … Read more

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Woman Posts Selfie On Instagram – Boyfriend Was Wiping His Butt In The Background

A woman was shocked when she realized a selfie she had uploaded on Instagram featured her boyfriend wiping his butt in the background.  Shannon Butt, 22, (seriously. That’s her name) took a selfie of herself at home and uploaded it on social media without realizing what was lingering in the reflection of the mirror.  Upon closer look, Shannon, from Gloucestershire … Read more

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Couple Plans To Host A Huge Post-Coronavirus Orgy

In an effort to give their neighbors a laugh during the coronavirus pandemic, a couple recently posted 30 flyers advertising an Avengers-themed “Post Pandemic Pan-Philadelphia Orgy” around their South Philly neighborhood. While the event started as a joke, the pair have received so many inquiries that they now intend to actually host it.  “The orgy is on,Read more

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[Listen] Lady GAGA Releases Dance Tracks For Days With ‘Chromatica’

Lady Gaga has officially opened up the doors and let us into Chromatica….and you better bring your dancing shoes! … Read more

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Ford Says Inspectors Were Afraid To Enter Long Term Care Homes – Full COVID-19 Update

Premier Ford says some government inspectors were too afraid to go into long term care homes at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ford says he understands the inspectors are not medical professionals but he isn’t going to continue “taking bullets” for OPSEU, which is the union representing the inspectors. He adds the situation contributed to his decision … Read more

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Why The F-Word Is So Satisfying And I Can’t Breathe

Discussing the F-Word, the tragic death of George Floyd, a major airport screw-up, working from home, radio ratings and a very late Canada Post package. … Read more

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Scott Fox And Kat Callaghan To Host the 2020 Top Choice Awards — From Home!

Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan are thrilled to once again host the Top Choice Awards. This time around it will look a bit different. … Read more

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[Video] Mom Can’t Stop Laughing After Accidentally Flashing Daughter’s Zoom Class

Ashley Foret Smith, a mom of three from Jacksonville, Florida, accidentally gave her daughter’s first-grade class an eye full on Zoom earlier this month.  On May 5, she took to Facebook with some advice for parents — along with a cheeky video that has had some 1.8 million viewers.  “I watch all of these videos of people on the Read more

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Jamie Foxx Defends Jimmy Fallon’s SNL Sketch From 2000

Jamie Foxx has defended Jimmy Fallon after a resurfaced SNL clip from 2000 showed the talk show host impersonating Chris Rock in blackface.   Foxx weighed… Read more

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[Photos] Lady Gaga Helps Deliver Physical Copies Of ‘Chromatica’

Lady Gaga is taking matters into her own hands.  In preparation for the release of her album “Chromatica,” the singer has taken to the streets to… Read more

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Saying The F-Word Might Help Take The Pain Away

Dropping F-bombs can possibly help increase a person’s pain threshold, research has shown — and, according to a follow-up pain management experiment, using made-up swear words doesn’t quite garner the same results.  The original 2009 experiment suggested that swearing under the right circumstances can increase a person’s pain threshold. To test the theory, Richard Stevens, a British psychologist from Keele … Read more

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Canada Post Just Delivered A Package … 8 Years Late

A Toronto man said he was surprised and confused when a package showed up at his home containing a product he had ordered eight years earlier.  Elliot Berinstein said a Canada Post delivery worker left the package from Well.ca on his doorstep May 6, and he was initially confounded about its origins.  “I was very confused because I hadn’t Read more

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Investigation Shows No Racial Bias Toward Gabrielle Union While On America’s Got Talent

Hear that? That’s the sound of Simon Cowell breathing a sigh of relief out there somewhere. … Read more

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan