American Airlines Not Denying UFO Spotting

An American Airlines passenger jet traveling from Cincinnati to Phoenix encountered a UFO over northeastern New Mexico Sunday afternoon.   The pilot on flight 2292 radioed around 1:00 p.m. CST that the UFO was flying right on top of them, according to a radio transmission recorded by Steve Douglass on his blog, Deep Black Horizon.  American Airlines verified to Fox News … Read more

New Dating App Is Video Based

A new app called “Snack” is catering to helping the TikTok-obsessed demographic find love and stay engaged with the content of prospective matches.  Unlike apps that let you swipe through singles’ dating profiles like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge, the new Snack dating app allows users upload videos of themselves to their profiles, instead of uploading pictures.  Singles can … Read more

Cambridge Has Produced Another Big Lottery Winner

For a second day in-a-row, there’s a big lottery winner in Cambridge. OLG has announced Denise Adams of Cambridge won $600,000 on the Bigger Instant Spin Game.

The 65-year-old retired chef says she treats herself to instant tickets as a reward for finishing work around the house. “I won the in-store SPIN and made my way to the store. Read more

Tam Says Widespread Lockdowns Could End This Summer – Full COVID-19 Update

Canada’s chief public health officer is offering some cheer about future COVID-19 restrictions. Dr. Theresa Tam says results from COVID-19 vaccinations so far are encouraging enough that she thinks the need for massive lockdowns could be over before the end of the summer. But she says some of the more personal measures, like wearing masks and limiting close contact outside … Read more

[Video] The Footage Of NASA’s Perseverance Rover Landing Is Breathtaking

NASA’s science mission chief says it’s the ”closest you can get to landing on Mars without putting on a pressure suit.” Thrilled engineers have released the first high-quality video of a spacecraft landing on the Red Planet. Six cameras were devoted to entry, descent and landing, looking up and down from different perspectives. All but one camera worked. The … Read more

Young Adults Say Driving Without Music Is Impossible

Researchers say nearly every young driver they studied believes driving without music playing is an “impossible” task.  Despite being unable to separate themselves from their tunes, study authors say the wrong songs can actually make driving more challenging and young drivers more dangerous.  “To young drivers 18-29, music in the car isn’t just entertainment, it’s part of Read more

Introducing The Taco Bell Chicken Sandwich Taco

Taco Bell has officially entered itself into the so-called “chicken sandwich wars” with a new “Chicken Sandwich Taco” announced yesterday.  The chain describes the item as a sandwich/taco hybrid, made with a crispy piece of all-white-meat chicken which has been marinated in jalapeno-infused buttermilk before being dusted with “bold Mexican spices” and rolled in a tortilla-chip … Read more

Travellers Flagging Issues With The Quarantine Hotel Program – Full COVID-19 Update

Photo Credit: Joe Warmington via Twitter

Travellers returning to Canada to new COVID-19 health restrictions are complaining of disconnected calls and hours or even days of waiting to make a reservation at federally approved hotels for the mandatory three-day quarantine. Some air passengers say they were forced to delay or cancel their flights after spending hours on hold trying to … Read more

United Airlines Boeing 777 Makes An Emergency Landing In Denver After Its Engine Exploded Mid-Flight

A United Airlines flight bound for Hawaii made an emergency landing shortly after taking off from Denver after suffering major damage to one of its engines and dropping huge pieces of debris over a neighborhood in Colorado.  Flight UA328 suffered serious engine failure shortly after takeoff from Denver.  The Boeing 777-200 diverted back to Denver and landed safely.  Police in … Read more

Johns Hopkins Professor Claims That The US Will Reach Herd Immunity By April With COVID-19 Cases Falling By 72% In Six Weeks

Johns Hopkins professor Dr. Marty Makary says we’ll have herd immunity by April.  Dr. Makary wrote in a Wall Street Journal editorial that he estimates that the U.S. will have herd immunity by then, driven by the high, but underestimated, number of people who have been infected already and vaccination.  “Some medical experts privately agreed with my prediction that Read more

New Border Restrictions Kick In Today – Full COVID-19 Update

Starting today, most travellers arriving in Canada by air will be required to quarantine for three days in a federally approved hotel, as Ottawa works to prevent further spread of the highly contagious COVID-19 variants. In addition to footing the bill for the mandatory hotel stay, travellers will also have to complete multiple COVID-19 tests in the days after they … Read more

You Can Now Get Organic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

The Hershey Company announced the introduction of its Organic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in a press release shared yesterday.  The new candy will be available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate options, the brand confirmed.  “We’re continuing to expand our product line so there is a Reese’s cup for nearly everyone,” said Eric Newton, brand manager for Reese’s … Read more

Federal Liberals To Scrap Mandatory Minimum Sentences For Drugs And Gun Crimes

The Trudeau government is bringing in its justice reform agenda. It intends the remove mandatory minimum penalties for drug offences and some gun-related crimes. The government says the penalties do not make Canadians safer, and unfairly affect Indigenous and Black offenders. The legislation would also allow for greater use of conditional sentences — such as house arrest, counselling or treatment … Read more

It’s Decision Day For Toronto, Peel And York Region – Full COVID-19 Update

Health Minister Christine Elliott says cabinet will meet this morning to discuss whether to lift a stay-at-home order next week for four COVID-19 hot spots. Elliott says cabinet’s decision for Toronto, Peel Region, York Region and North Bay Parry Sound will be announced later in the day. She say the province is carefully considering a request from health officials in … Read more

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Is Ready To Land On Mars – Coverage Starts This Afternoon

NASA’s Perseverance rover is ready to land on Mars.  The rover will touch down today in Jezero Crater, an ancient delta on the Martian surface. Perseverance, or “Percy” for short, will explore the Martian terrain and conduct a number of science investigations. Among its objectives, Percy will collect samples, deploy the first helicopter beyond Earth, and search for … Read more

Trudeau Changes The Channel From Vaccine Shortages By Introducing New Gun Laws

Newly tabled gun legislation would allow municipalities to ban handguns. The Liberal government says there would be serious penalties for people who violate municipal rules, including possible jail time. The bill also proposes a buyback of a wide array of recently banned firearms, meaning owners could turn in their guns for compensation. They would also have the option of keeping … Read more

Krispy Kreme Is Offering A Limited-Edition Mars Doughnut To Celebrate Nasa’s Rover Landing

When NASA’s Perseverance rover goes through the “seven minutes of terror” to land itself on Mars February 18, you can sit back, watch the NASA coverage and relax.  To mark the rare occasion, Krispy Kreme is offering a limited-edition themed doughnut — only available on Thursday.  The Mars doughnut will look like the red planet itself.  The caramel-dipped … Read more

Most of Ontario Returns to The Colour Coded System Today – Full COVID-19 Update

Pandemic restrictions will loosen in 27 Ontario health units today as the province moves ahead with a reopening plan in light of projections showing a likely third wave of COVID-19. Niagara Region will be the only region in the grey-lockdown zone. The rest of the regions fall along the scale that moves from red — the second-most strict level behind … Read more

Proposed Law Would Make It Illegal To Remove A Condom Without Consent

California could become the first state in the United States to make removing a condom without consent during sex illegal, classing it as sexual battery.  Democratic Assembly member Cristina Garcia on Monday introduced legislation that would add nonconsensual condom removal – otherwise known as “stealthing” – to the state civil code.  If passed, nonconsensual condom removal would be … Read more

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