How To Wrap A Gift Quickly

How To Wrap A Gift Quickly

Here’s how to wrap a Christmas gift in 15 seconds:


  • Gift wrap
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors


  1. Cut wrapping paper so you’re able to wrap the gift with a 2-inch overhang. Paper should cover both sides of the package’s height.
  2. Position the narrow side of your box diagonally across the sheet of wrapping paper.
  3. Lift the edge of your paper to meet the upper corner of the gift.
  4. This creates a triangle. Crease section onto gift and pull corner upward, flush onto the box’s edge.
  5. A new edge is created. Once again push paper onto gift and pull corner up once more.
  6. Flip present over and tape edge.
  7. Two new edges are created on the narrowest side of your box. Fold the triangle of paper down like the top of an envelope. Tape to secure.

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