IKEA Shopper Found A Lizard Inside A Houseplant

A British IKEA shopper found a lizard inside of the plant they’d just bought and taken home. Animal rescuers were called and safely removed the animal. RSPCA Animal Rescue Officer Clara Scully said, “A member of the public got more than they bargained for with this plant. This little fella was hidden in the leaves! He is now safe Read more

An IHOP Employee Has Gone Viral For Turning Away Adam Sandler

An IHOP worker has gone viral for accidentally turning away Adam Sandler and his daughter. Dayanna Rodas took to Tik Tok to detail her encounter with the actor admitting she didn’t recognize him. Sandler visited the restaurant during a busy peak where Rodas informed the actor there would be a 30-minute wait, causing the actor to leave. A rep for Read more

McDonald’s Is Saying Sorry By Giving Away Free McFlurries

McDonald’s is giving out free McFlurries to people who have been tricked by their ice cream spoons thinking they were straws. On May 4 you’ll be able to find a one-use code to get one regular-sized Caramel Brownie McFlurry at participating locations. And for those who don’t want to leave their homes or are unable to, can still get a Read more

Ontario Introduces Pandemic Sick Days – Full COVID-19 Update

Ontario has announced a program to provide workers with three paid sick days. Labour Minister Monte McNaughton says the measure will help workers take time off to self-isolate, monitor symptoms, get tested or get a vaccine. The program will be administered by the province’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and will last until the end of September. McNaughton says the … Read more

Confusion About Whether The CDC Actually Recommends Pregnant Women Get The COVID-19 Vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now say that pregnant women should simply consider the risks and benefits of COVID-19 vaccination – walking back its own director’s recommendation that expectant mothers get the shot.  “CDC recommends that pregnant people receive the COVID-19 vaccine,” director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said in a Friday White House press briefing.  She … Read more

Trudeau Wants Ontario Businesses to Pay For Sick Pay – Full COVID-19 Update

Some health providers and the union leaders are denouncing the Ford government’s proposal to provide paid sick days for workers by enhancing the federal sick-leave benefit. The provincial government is offering to double the federal benefit for essential workers who contract COVID-19, if Ottawa can administer the program. Prime Minister Trudeau says Ottawa is in talks with Ontario, but stresses … Read more

The NDP Plan To Tax Excess Profits Would Generate Billions

The parliamentary budget officer says a tax proposed by the NDP last year on excess profits at big corporations would generate $7.9-billion dollars. The New Democrats asked budget officer Yves Giroux to calculate a hypothetical tax on companies whose profits exceeded their 2020 expectations. The NDP proposed a 15 per cent tax on those extra earnings — calculated based on … Read more

Penalties For Speeding And Stunt Driving Are About To Get More Harsh In Ontario

The provincial government has introduced legislation to impose harsher penalties for speeding and stunt driving. It says stunt driving offences have been on the rise since 2015, with a large spike seen last year. The legislation would double roadside vehicle impoundment times from seven to 14 days and increase roadside driver’s licence suspensions to 30 days from a week. The … Read more

Ford Considering Moving 50% Of All Vaccines To Hotspots Like Peel And Toronto – Full COVID-19 Update

Ontario is weighing a shift in its COVID-19 vaccination strategy that would allocate 50 per cent of doses to hot-spot areas. Health Minister Christine Elliot says the province expects to make a decision very shortly on the recommendation from its COVID-19 science advisory table to bring down surging cases. Elliott says the province has been held back by its limited … Read more

This Years Oscar Goodie Bags Are Valued At $205k

The Oscars have come and gone this year and the founder of Distinctive Assets who put together goodie bags for the event has disclosed what was given this year.

Lash Fary told Forbes what was in the $205,000 bags this year which included liposuction, a Poetry For Neanderthals game, a getaway to a Swedish lighthouse, and a Chadwick Boseman memorial Read more

Apple’s AirDrop Feature Could Leave You Vulnerable To Data Leaks

Apple’s AirDrop feature might be leaving you vulnerable to scammers collecting your private information. When you have Bluetooth and WiFi turned on people can share photos, documents, and other things with other Apple products nearby. This process however could allow data pirates a one-way ticket to your private information. Researchers say that strangers near your device can find your email Read more

SpaceX Had A Close Call With A UFO After Launching Into Orbit On Friday

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Endeavor spacecraft had a close call with an unidentified object before successfully reaching the International Space Station.  US Space Command warned the crew aboard the spacecraft of a possible collision with an unknown object after launching into orbit on Friday.  “The possibility of the conjunction came so close to the closest approach time that there wasn’t Read more

Public Health Confirms The India Variant is Here – Full COVID-19 Update

Late Friday night Public Health Ontario confirmed 36 cases of a COVID-19 variant first reported in India have been detected in Ontario. Of those, the agency says six were identified through its genomics surveillance program — all of them linked to international travel. It says the remaining 30 cases were detected through airport and border screening efforts. Public health officials … Read more

Eating Mushrooms Regularly Could Help Lower Cancer Risk

A study done by Penn State Cancer Institute says that adding more mushrooms to our diets helps to decrease the risk of getting cancer. Researchers analyzed 17 cancer studies from 1966 to 2020 in order to find the link between eating mushrooms and cancer. The team found that eating 18 grams of the vegetable reduces the risk of getting cancer Read more

[Video] Premier Ford Issues An Emotional Apology Over Last Week’s Announcements

A visibly emotional Premier Doug Ford apologized yesterday morning for new COVID-19 restrictions that sparked a furious backlash last Friday. Fighting tears, Ford apologized for increasing police enforcement powers and closing playgrounds. He admitted that his government moved too fast and got it wrong. The government had announced the new restrictions amid soaring COVID-19 cases and an alarming rise in … Read more

Some International Flights To Canada Suspended, But Not All – Full COVID-19 Update

For the next 30 days, no flights from India and Pakistan will be allowed into Canada, as the two countries deal with a surge of COVID-19 cases. To discourage people from getting around the flight ban by booking flights through other countries, Canada will require passengers transiting through a third nation to go through customs in that country and remain … Read more

Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill To Make College Free And Will Fund It Using A Tax On Wall Street

Sen. Bernie Sanders Introduced A Bill Yesterday To Make College Tuition Completely Free For Families Earning Less Than $125,000 Per Year – Paid For By A Tax On Wall Street Transactions That Would Haul In $2.4 Trillion Over A Decade.  Sanders Has Introduced Similar Legislation For Years, And Touted It As A Presidential Candidate For The Democratic Nomination. This Time, … Read more

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