Man Builds Working Roller Coaster In Back Yard To Keep Kids Entertained During COVID-19

A Florida man built a working roller coaster in his back yard to keep his kids entertained during COVID.  Scott Friga of Fort Meyers constructed a literal theme park in his back yard — from constructing a working basketball court to building a 310-feet-long roller coaster with his bare hands — to keep his kids happy.  “Whew, man, I’ve Read more

Some High Risk Seniors Have to Keep Waiting for Their Vaccine – Full COVID-19 Update

The province says it will miss its target to give all nursing-home residents the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine due to a delay in vaccine shipments. Health officials have updated the target to provide first doses to all long-term care residents and other high-priority groups to February 10th — five days later than previously expected. It’s the latest change … Read more

Trump’s Entire Legal Team Quits A Week Before Impeachment Trial

All five of the impeachment lawyers who were expected to represent former President Donald Trump have called it quits, according to reports.  The team, led by South Carolina lawyer Butch Bowers, resigned in part because of disagreements over how to mount Trump’s defense.  The lawyers had planned to argue the constitutionality of holding a trial given Trump is now a … Read more

Bebo Announces It’s Returning Next Month As A Brand New Social Network – 16 Years After The Original Website Launched

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok may be the most popular social media apps these days, but back in the early 2000s, Bebo was the go-to site for millennials.  Bebo was founded in 2005, and was known for its questionnaires and its infamous “Top 16 friends” feature.  While the original website was taken down in 2013, Bebo has announced … Read more

Ten-Year-Old Investor Makes More Than $3,000 On 10 GameStop Shares His Mother Bought Him As A Gift In 2019

A 10-year-old Texas investor made more than $3,000 from $60 worth of GameStop shares that he was gifted for Kwanzaa.  Jaydyn Carr’s mother, Nina, bought 10 shares of the company’s stocks in 2019 and gave them to her son as a Kwanzaa present in a bid to teach him about investing.   That lesson in investing definitely paid off when Jaydyn … Read more

The Spread Of The UK Variant Will Impact When Ontario Can Reopen – Full COVID-19 Update

A contagious variant of the virus that causes COVID-19 is expected to be the dominant strain of the disease in Ontario in March. This according to Doctor Adalsteinn Brown, who’s advising the province on the virus’s spread. He says the strain, which was first identified in the UK, means there’s less room for Ontarians to relax public health protocols. He … Read more

The Report Into What Happened To Staff At Rideau Hall Has Been Released

The blistering report that led to the resignation of governor general Julie Payette has been released publicly. Although it still contains some redactions for privacy concerns, the report clearly paints a picture of a hostile and toxic workplace. Dozens of people recalled repeated and persistent bad behaviour, including screaming, public humiliation and aggressive conduct. The report shows that of the … Read more

China Is Now Using Anal Swabs To Test For COVID

Beijing is using anal swabs to test its residents for coronavirus, a method that experts say is more accurate and raises the chances of detecting the virus.  To collect test samples, the swab needs to be inserted about 1.2 to 2 inches into the rectum and rotated several times.  After completing the motion twice, the swab is removed before being … Read more

New Travel Restrictions Are Coming – Full COVID-19 Update

With Ottawa gearing up to install new restrictions on international travel, data from Health Canada suggests we’ve seen a worrying uptick of infections directly connected to foreign arrivals. Although travel exposures account for less than two per cent of Canada’s overall COVID-19 case count, the number of cases linked to recent travellers, and their close contacts, is showing continual growth. … Read more

Apple Wants You To Update Your iPhone Now

Apple is urging iPhone and iPad users to update their operating systems now to fix security bugs that may have already been exploited by hackers.  On its support webpage, the company said three security flaws “may have been actively exploited.” It didn’t reveal too many specifics about the bugs, noting “Apple does not disclose, discuss, or confirm security … Read more

Tyson Foods Has Heart-Shaped Chicken Nuggets For Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Tyson is rolling out chicken nuggets with a rather romantic twist.  The brand is releasing Tyson Nuggets of Love, which are nuggets made with 100 percent all-white-meat chicken and are made to look like adorable little hearts.   Not only do these heart-shaped nuggets make a great meal, but they’ll also be extremely helpful … Read more

Butterfinger Teases Possible Peanut Butter Release

Earlier this week, Butterfinger teased a potential new product on social media — its own peanut butter.  The candy brand, owned by Ferrero, posted a picture of the possible product on Twitter Sunday morning, with a tag in the top corner that said “New?”  According to the mock-up of the potential new peanut butter, the spread would be … Read more

Pizza Hut Debuting Detroit-Style Pizza

Yesterday, Pizza Hut announced the nationwide rollout of its new Detroit-style pizzas, launched in response to “the growing popularity of this pizza style across the country and requests from customers,” according to a press release. The new, thick-crust offering is currently available at participating Pizza Hut locations nationwide.  The new pizzas come in four varieties: Detroit Double … Read more

Update On Yesterday’s Double Fatal Crash On The QEW

The OPP say yesterday’s double fatal collision that closed the QEW in Burlington for hours involved women from Cambridge and Owen Sound. The crash happened shortly before 6am. It’s believed one car crossed the centre median and struck another vehicle, causing a passenger to be ejected.  In total, four vehicles were involved and two women in their 20’s were killed. … Read more

Tons Of Memorabilia Up For Auction From The Guinness World Records Museum In Niagara Falls

A Niagara Falls museum that closed down in September is putting Wayne Gretzky memorabilia as well as other items up for sale online. Ripley Auctions says memorabilia from the Guinness World Records Museum includes artifacts, sculpted characters, displays and exhibits. That includes a jersey, puck and stick signed by the hockey legend from Brantford. The online auction is scheduled for … Read more

Ontario Again Calling On The Feds To Protect The Border At Airports

Premier Ford is calling on the federal government to bolster travel restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 variant cases. Ford says those restrictions should include mandatory testing at airports for all incoming international travellers. He also wants the federal government to temporarily ban direct flights from countries where the new variants are detected, including Brazil and Portugal. The province … Read more

McDonald’s Bringing Back Spicy Chicken McNuggets, Mighty Hot Sauce For A Limited Time Starting Feb. 1

McDonald’s is bringing back its Spicy Chicken McNuggets.  The fast-food chain announced yesterday that the spicy nuggets and the Mighty Hot Sauce return for a limited-time starting Feb. 1.  The hot nuggets debuted for their first run in mid-September and it was the first flavour McDonald’s USA introduced to the McNugget since the product debuted in 1983. The nuggets are … Read more

Ontario Adopts A Temporary Change in Strategy for Vaccinating Seniors – Full COVID-19 Update

Ontario is accelerating COVID-19 vaccinations for residents of long-term care and high-risk retirement homes. The new date for all of the most vulnerable seniors to receive the first dose is February 5th, which is 10 days earlier than previously scheduled. Premier Ford says the province is redirecting available supplies to those who need them most due to the delay in … Read more

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