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Dennis Quaid Reportedly Engaged To Girlfriend

Many outlets are reporting that Dennis Quaid is engaged to marry his girlfriend. They also make it a point to note that he is 65 and she is 26. No word where the … Read more

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Halsey Covers Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ And Says She Wants To Collaborate With Her!

Halsey was a special guest at a Festival called We Can Survive, a benefit for Cancer research. The festuval had a few special guests including Taylor Swift, Lizzo and Billy Ellish as well. During Halsey’s time on stage, she … Read more

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Family Seeking Donations For Life Saving Drug To Help 2-Month-Old Eva

A donation page has been set up in honour of little Eva. … Read more

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The Clueless Reboot Details Are Here … And They Are Interesting

“Clueless” reboot is reportedly being developed as an hour-long TV show with “a mystery twist.”  Deadline is reporting that Cher, the main character played by Alicia Silverstone in the original, goes missing.… Read more

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Jennifer Lawrence Is Getting Hitched This Weekend!

Jennifer Lawrence gets married this weekend. She’s marrying Cooke Maroney  in Newport, Rhode Island.… Read more

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[Video] Check Out The Trailer For Peter Rabbit 2

You have to wait until Easter 2020 to see it, but the trailer for the new Peter Rabbit is here! Bea, Thomas, and the rabbits have … Read more

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Netflix Knows You Are Sharing Your Password With Other People — And They Are Working On Finding You

Hey all you Netflix password sharers… Netflix knows…. And they are coming for you! Okay, we kid, it isn’t that dramatic at all. … Read more

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[Video] Lady GAGA Falls Off The Stage In Vegas After Fan Picks Her Up

A fan attending Lady GAGA’s Las Vegas show was trying to show off some muscle… and ended up tossing her off the stage. Don’t… Read more

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[Video] Katy Perry Releases New Track And Music Video: ‘Harleys In Hawaii’

We have new music from Katy Perry,! the track is called Harleys In Hawaii.  is out now. And so is the music video. Elle Dee played it for you yesterday for the first time. If you wanna… Read more

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The Most Powerful People in Entertainment 2019 According To THR

The annual list of the 100 most powerful people in entertainment is here. … Read more

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Jennifer Aniston Breaks Instagram Record

Jennifer Aniston may not be on the Top 100 most powerful in Hollywood that was just released, but maybe she should be! The Guinness book of world records confirms she is now the fastest account to… Read more

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Barack Obama Endorses Justin Trudeau Via Twitter

Wednesday afternoon, Former US President Barack Obama took to twitter to confirm his support for PM Justin Trudeau. The tweet, which has been re-tweeted over 38 thousand times, hails Justin as an effective leader who will fight for issues like Climate change. The former US Ammbassador, Bruce Heyman also gave his support. Check out the tweets below. the election is … Read more

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Notorious B.I.G And Whitney Houston Up For 2020 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction

Notorious B.I.G and Whitney Houston are among nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2020.… Read more

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Tiger Woods To Release A Memoir

Tiger Woods is releasing a memoir. He says he is sick of the false stories, TV specials … Read more

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[Pics] Jennifer Aniston Joins Instagram

Jennifer Aniston (who kinda always talked down about social media) has joined Instagram! Within 24 hours … Read more

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[Video] Justin Timberlake Teases Collaboration with Lizzo, Meek Mill And More!

Justin Timberlake is dropping a few lovely details on his upcoming music! Looks like this won’t necessarily be an album, but several tracks with some amazing artists. Lizzo, SZA and Meek Mill are a few of the artists he’s… Read more

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[Video] New Trailer For ‘Lady And The Tramp’ Is Here!

In connection with the new Disney+ service, they have released the first full trailer for Lady and the Tramp! The film launches when the serivce starts up on November 12th. For more on Disney PLUS, CLICK HERE! Read more

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[Video] Disney Releases 3 Hour Trailer To Tease All Content Coming To Disney Plus

Disney went nuts yesterday releasing about a million tweets announcing titles for Disney PLUS services (and a 3 hour commercial about it, too).… Read more

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[Video] The Breaking Bad Movie Is Now On Netflix

It’s here! We have all wondered… what happened to Jesse Pinkman/ The new El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story is here to give us… Read more

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[Video] Shawn Mendes Covers Niall Horan’s New Track ‘Nice To Meet Ya’

Shawn Mendes took to Instagram Story to serenade us all with a beautiful song — that belongs to Niall Horan! The two have had a longtime friendship and a … Read more

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