Faking A Proposal To Get Free Drinks

Today: An Uber driver that plays After 9 for his riders, Sharing Your workouts with friends, Faking a marriage proposal to get free drinks, Krispy Kreme teams up with Oreo, The McDonald’s breakfast Chicken sandwich, and the Province seems to have lost control of the Public Health. … Read more

He Claims He Found Shrimp Tails In His Cereal

The Cinnamon Toast Crunch scandal, Cheesecake versus Cheesesteak, An update on Canadian vaccinations, The Trudeau government is begging for an election, The Raptors could trade Kyle Lowry and Norm Powel today, A new type of Bailey’s Irish Cream, 2-tier healthcare, and an amazing pick-up line on Tinder. … Read more

Today Is The 40th Anniversary Of Porky’s

Dave Blezard joins us to talk about the 40-year anniversary of Porky’s, the FCC got a lot of complains about WAP at the Grammy’s, A quick vaccine update, Kat still has not made a Sloppy Joe, It’s Zeppole Day, An amazing hotel scam by a man pretending to be part of the Wu-Tang Clan and when we all get recognized. … Read more

People Have Been Touching Themselves A Lot More Lately

Today marks the 1-year anniversary of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Lots more people have discovered the joy of masturbation this year, The bromance between Justin Bieber & Auston Matthews, Prince William gave a comment this morning, Men will do just about anything when they see hard nipples, the non-vegan cheater and a strange bank robbery. … Read more

The Bachelor Was Pretty Powerful Last Night

We start with DM’s about the Harry & Meghan episode yesterday. Plus: The International Women’s Day chat we did not get to have yesterday, The Bachelor had a really powerful moment last night, The Raptors will have an all female on-air team on March 24 and Burger King UK screwed up yesterday. … Read more

The Vaccine Rollout Is About To Get Confusing

Today: The Raptors will have a very short bench tonight, Lots of vaccines are arriving this week but it’s not clear who will get them, When you realized you were a grown-up, A verdict is coming in the Toronto van attack, Google announces a major policy change, Chris Harrison won’t host The Bachelorette, and more. … Read more

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