Doug Wants You To Support Movember

Today: Warm travel destinations that suck, The Gorilla Glue Girl has a song out, Doug Ford did a great promotion for Movember, World Toilet Day, Scott’s really liking the hospitality at Mom’s, Adele’s new album is out today, The Pfizer vaccine is approved for kids, Booster shots, and why is there a stigma around going to a bar alone?… Read more

A Parent Needs Advice On Disciplining His Kids

Today: Scott got a weird notification from Amazon, A Dad is struggling with how to disciplining his kids, Using passwords that are not secure, Shawn Mendes & Camilla Cabello split up, The federal government is (kind of) scrapping the PCR test to re-enter Canada, Testing symptomatic people at pharmacies, and new stats on working from home. … Read more

An Overworked Teacher Needs Some Advice

Today: A husband reaches out about his wife who is a stressed out teacher, A Florida drunk driver had a unique excuse, A wedding may be called off because the bride’s mother has the hots for the groom, The mistakes that could cost you your job, The CRTC will tackle robocalls, Fast food, Slow drive-thrus. … Read more

Kat Does Not Like This Little Dude

Today: A member of the Science Table says we are back in the fourth wave, Kat thinks Elf on the Shelf is a creepy little F–k, Leonardo DiCaprio is slick, The Bradford Bypass is happening, Drake is named in the Astroworld lawsuit, Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been cancelled, and simple tasks get harder as you get older.… Read more

His Wife Is The Reason He Keeps Getting Promoted

Today: A woman admits she is secretly having an affair with her husband’s boss to get him promoted, Dr Kieran Moore confirmed yesterday that people who have had COVID have antibodies, Pete Davidson has landed another A-List girlfriend, A man replaced his girlfriend’s cat when she was away, and the most overpaid professions. … Read more

Move Halloween To A Saturday

Today: Kat handed out full size chocolate bars last night, Scott wants Halloween permanently moved to a Saturday, World leaders are screwing around in Glasgow this week, Raising the Canadian flag on Parliament Hill, A TikTok injury inspired by Squid Game, A relationship that ended up in court, A man who tried to pick-up a woman through her dog, Alec … Read more

The Worst Launch Ever

Today: PETA has a ridiculous idea for Major League Baseball, Mark Zuckerberg rolls out the Metaverse, Ontario wants to make Poppy’s allowed by law, Ontario will not require COVID vaccination to be in school, An Ontario doctor had their license suspended, Outdoor gathering limits have been increased, and a couple that are fighting over how she disposes of her menstruation … Read more

We Hit A Million – Time To Give Away The Cash

Today: We cover a lot of ground in this episode. We call our grand prize winner to celebrate 1 million downloads. Plus: A woman who started a fire at Walmart, A drunk man who tried to ice fish on a lake that wasn’t frozen, Wearing inappropriate Halloween costumes at work, Joe Buck admits he was peeing once while calling a … Read more

The Odd Things That People Find Sexy

Today: A great gift to the staff from the former CEO of Spanx, Trudeau’s new cabinet will not help unite our country but it will raise a lot of money for the Liberal party, Vaccine mandates won’t work in the education sector, The odd things that people find attractive, Alcohol pairings with Halloween candy, An update on the Alec Baldwin … Read more

A 4-Day Work Week In Ontario

Today: The new QR codes are available to download but they are a little underwhelming. Plus: the Liberals are pitching a 4-day work week, Hooters changed their shorts, Kourtney and Travis are engaged, A strange incident at Waffle House, and more. … Read more

Man Gets His Junk Stuck In A Bottle Opener

Today: A lot of people weren’t wearing masks at the Leafs game last night, Doctors are worried about our salt intake, Some really dumb car thieves, A man got his wiener stuck in a bottle opener, Kids on TikTok have started “Scalp Popping“, More hospital workers are being fired, Vaccinating children might not be as successful as doctors … Read more

He Loves The Leafs But Not Small Businesses

Today: Scotiabank Arena will be at full capacity tonight but the pubs around it still face restrictions, More hospital workers are losing their jobs, The US border is reopening in a few weeks, A dog that went on a wild ride, A nude gamer stopped a theft in progress, Scott bought zinfandel, William Shatner heads to space, and Kat tries … Read more

The Dog Ate Her Vibrator

At the end of this episode, Kevin & Sarah from season 2 of Big Timber join us to talk about Thursday night’s premier on History. Watch On Demand, on StackTV or the Global TV app.

Today: Her dog puked up her vibrator at the vet’s office, Younger people are getting off coffee, Kim Kardashian was good on SNL, A new … Read more

No, Your Bathroom Should Not Have Two Toilets

Today: Scott needs a dog groomer, Meghan Trainer had 2 toilets installed in her bathroom, A new product from GOOP, Fall Fair foods, Adele is releasing new music next week, Trudeau is making a vaccine announcement today, Facebook explains why they went down, A drunk couple that got hurt at a waterpark, and who was your celebrity childhood crush?… Read more

Facebook Needs To Say What Really Happened Yesterday

Today: Yesterday’s Facebook outage was very suspicious, Doing asymptomatic COVID testing in schools, A Disney princess comes clean about the men that hit on her, Super tight shorts lead to a serious infection, A very strange car insurance claim, and Amazon will now allow you to send someone a package even if you do not know their address. … Read more

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