Perez Hilton Talks About His New CDB Gummies

Today: Perez Hilton talks about his new line of CBD gummies, How we celebrated the first weekend of Fall, Vaccine passports are now in effect in Ontario, Denny’s introduces “Panookies”, The 2 Michael’s are back home in Canada, A kid got stabbed at a haunted house, and getting rid of the term “Virginity”. … Read more

Not A Good Night For JT

Today: Cut through the spin and it’s obvious Trudeau had a brutal performance last night, The cost of treating a COVID-19 patient in hospital, Bill Gates invested in the Four Seasons, Whole Foods has a new concept with no cashiers, People now consider their phone their most important possession, Football is back tonight, Miss America announces changes, Solar power could … Read more

Why Would Anyone Want This On Their Desk

Today: A baseball announcer that doesn’t know what an NFT is, The new Jeff Bezos model rocket, Steve Harvey got another new TV show, People that follow Justin Trudeau and heckle him, A robbery using an odd weapon of choice, Doug Ford needs to weigh in on vaccine passports, and Wendy’s is changing their fries. … Read more

Doug Is Back And He Wants You To Try The Fish

Today: A very expensive Liberal office renovation, Doug Ford is back and wants you to try the fish, A man glued his d**k shut as birth control, Olivia Rodrigo may have lifted another hit song, R Kelly is a total piece of s**t, The New Zealand Health Minister had a fun slip-up, Canada has left Afghanistan, Another whale from Marineland … Read more

An Entire Generation Will Never Be Able To Own A Home

Today: Reports say vaccine passports are coming in the next two weeks, onlyFans backtracks on last week’s announcement, Coupons in the fast-food apps, Flower scented roads, Scott was in Niagara on the Lake this weekend, and the federal leaders are all talking about housing affordability. They better act fast because the dream is dying for millions of people. … Read more

The Tide Is Shifting

Today: The new Jeopardy host has a past, Team Trudeau has to be getting discouraged with how this campaign is going, Old Navy makes a change to their sizing and pricing, The Teacher Unions are calling for mandatory vaccinations, and taking your dog on vacation. … Read more

McBalls Are Coming To McD’s

Today: McDonald’s is about to offer a Timbit like donut, The spots you sit in at home, Schools paying parents to drive their kids to school, Gas prices are insane, Making vaccines mandatory, Getting your rental car impounded, Hotels are trying the a-la-carte model, the wildfires in BC, and the Conservatives won a majority in Nova Scotia last night. … Read more

Stop Calling It A Fourth Wave

Today: Where the F is Doug Ford? Keep the latest COVID numbers in perspective and stop calling it a fourth wave, The Bachelorette finale was on last night, A new tropical storm has formed, Prince Andrew is being sued, Elon Musk may puts ads on the moon, Trading stocks while you’re drunk, and more.… Read more

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