Coronavirus Has A New Name – Full Wrap On The Latest COVID19 News

Coronavirus Has A New Name – Full Wrap On The Latest COVID19 News

The close quarters of a quarantined cruise ship in Japanese waters has seen another 39 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus — now officially dubbed COVID-19. Officials with Princess Cruises updated the number of passengers and crews sickened by the potentially deadly bug to 174 total — including eight Canadians from earlier screenings for the virus. There is no word yet on the nationalities of the latest people infected.

A New Name:

You don’t have to call it “coronavirus” anymore. The World Health Organization has bestowed an official name on the fast-spreading illness: COVID-19. The “COVI” stands for coronavirus, the “D” stands for disease, and “19” reflects the year it was discovered.  The health agency’s guidelines stipulate that diseases shouldn’t be formally named after regions (despite widespread informal use of the “Wuhan virus”) or after animals believed to be behind the spread.

The Spread:

The COVID-19 virus could spread through the air even after an infected person has left the room, a government official has claimed.  A member of local government in Shanghai said the virus may be able to spread by aerosol transmission, meaning it can linger in droplets in the air.  Illnesses such as flu, measles and tuberculosis are spread in this way and outbreaks are hard to contain as a result.

COVID-19 in Canada:

Four Canadians diagnosed with the novel coronavirus in the Vancouver area are doing well in isolation as they continue to be monitored by health professionals. B.C. health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry says after two negative tests, 24 hours apart, those confirmed to have the new coronavirus would be cleared of the illness. Henry gave an update on the coronavirus yesterday, telling reporters 371 people in the province have been tested for the virus as of last Friday.

Photo Credit: World Health Organization


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