[Video] Finance Minister Admits He Cut A Cheque To Reimburse WE Yesterday, Right Before His Testimony In Ottawa

Finance Minister Bill Morneau says he has repaid WE Charity yesterday, right before his testimony in Ottawa, for the full cost of a 2017 trip to Ecuador where he saw some of its humanitarian work. Morneau told the House of Commons finance committee that he sent the charity a cheque for $41,266 dollars yesterday after he couldn’t account for tens of thousands of dollars in expenses related to accommodation and other charges the organization covered. He says accepting the expenses, even unknowingly, is not appropriate and he has forwarded the information to the ethics commissioner.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his chief of staff, Katie Telford, have both agreed to testify before the House of Commons finance committee regarding the government’s decision to give WE Charity a sole-sourced contract to run a $900-million-dollar student-volunteer program. Their appearances have yet to be scheduled, but follow yesterday’s testimony by Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Morneau is facing calls for his resignation.

Here is some of the questioning:

Here is Bill Morneau’s full testimony from yesterday:

Photo Credit: House of Commons via Global News / YouTube screenshot


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan