Is Instagram Spying On Users? New Apple Update Makes An Interesting Revelation

Multiple apps have recently come under fire for accessing smartphone features without permission and the latest service to get caught in the act is Instagram.  Apple’s iOS 14 update shows a green icon on the control panel of an iPhone or iPad screen when an app attempts to infiltrate the camera in the background.  A user shared a screen shot of the notification on the control panel after scrolling through their Instagram feed – it is a round circle with the “recorder indicator” in the center.  The notification feature is set to roll out with the new operating system later this year, but early adopters have spotted a number of apps quietly accessing clipboards, including TikTok, LinkedIn and Reddit.

Apple unveiled the upcoming iOS 14 in June during its first-ever online World Wide Developer Conference and released the public beta version earlier this month.  This version is far from polished, but allows users to poke around for bugs that may have gone unnoticed by the firm ahead of the official September launch and it is also revealing the “evil” of some third party apps – as noted by a Twitter user regarding the news about Instagram.  Twitter user by the name of KevDov shared a screen shot on the platform showing Instagram had activated his iPhone camera while scrolling through the site.  “Casually browsing Instagram when suddenly the new iOS 14 camera/microphone indicator comes on. Then control pane ratted out the app behind it. This is going to change things,” he wrote in a tweet.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Facebook – Logo

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan