The Death Toll From Coronavirus Went Up By 108 In Just 24-Hours

The death toll from Coronavirus continues to shoot up. Another 108 deaths happened in just a 24-hour period in China. The number of overall deaths has risen to 1,016. The country’s National Health Commission reports confirmed cases now number 42,638. Authorities in Hong Kong evacuated an apartment block after two cases among its residents raised suspicion the virus may be spreading through plumbing.

A second charter flight that’s repatriated Canadians from Wuhan, China has landed at Canadian Forces Base Trenton. There were 185 passengers on board the flight that left the epicentre of the new coronavirus outbreak. Myriam Larouche was one of the 213 Canadians who arrived at the base on Friday from the first flight of evacuees. She says life under quarantine at CFB Trenton feels like summer camp.

A Canadian epidemiologist is taking part in a group of experts convened by the World Health Organization to study the new coronavirus. Bruce Aylward will lead the team in China. The WHO says there are still many unanswered but critical questions. Those include what animals it came from, how it’s spread among people and how best to treat patients. Experts say it could be months or even years before any approved vaccines are developed. The virus has killed more than one-thousand people in China.

Health officials in Europe have traced the path of a British patient sickened with the new coronavirus. The middle-aged British businessman is believed to have picked up the virus during a conference in Singapore. From there, he travelled to a ski resort in the French Alps and to a pub in his hometown in England. Authorities are also looking at the flights he took back to Britain.

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Photo Credit: World Health Organization

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