Woman Tried To Hire A Hitman On A Fake Hitman Website

51-year-old Wendy Wein from the Detroit area is facing serious charges after trying to hire a “hit man” to kill her ex-husband. It’s not clear what the motivation for the “hit” was but Wein searched online and found a website called RentAHitman.com. That is a satirical site that makes outrageous claims that would be difficult for any reasonable person to believe. For example, the site claims have 18,000 hitmen stationed around the country. It claims to be headquartered at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida and also that they recently had to cut ties with the Illuminati and Jeffrey Epstein. Perhaps the most far-fetched statement on the site is that it brags about being “HIPPA” compliant, which they say stands for the, quote, “Hitman Information Privacy and Protection Act of 1964.

Despite all of these red flags, somehow, Wein she still fell for it and filled out a request form detailing how she wanted her ex-husband killed. The person behind the site saw the request come through and called police. They set up a sting in a parking lot, and arrested her when she offered an undercover cop $5,000 for the hit, plus travel expenses.  She’s facing charges for solicitation to commit murder.

Photo Credit: RentAHitman.com




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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan