According To A Poll, These Are The Saddest Moments In Movie And TV History

According To A Poll, These Are The Saddest Moments In Movie And TV History

A free poker website, Replay Poker ran a poll recently asking people to react to the most emotional scenes from movies and TV to find out the saddest moment in all of film/TV history.


Beware of Spoilers!!


  1. Ellie’s Death in ‘UP’.

Coming in at number 10 is one of the most famous Pixar tear jerkers. Who didn’t need to take a minute after watching the emotional montage of Carl and Ellie growing old together? Seriously Pixar, why do you play with our emotions like this?


  1. The Final Scene of ‘Friends’ (Leaving the Keys on the Table).

If you grew up in the 90s (or wish you did), then the ending of the hit sitcom ‘Friends’ broke you down to tears. Not only was it the end of one of the most acclaimed sitcoms of all time, it marked the end of an era in TV and pop culture.


  1. The Toys Accepting Their Fate ‘Toy Story 3’

Pixar, seriously, why do you play with our emotions like this? Not only do you make a movie about growing up and accepting change, they put our childhood literally in an incinerator and had characters we love accept their death and all hold hands. I think Pixar needs to see a therapist or something.


  1. Dobby’s Death in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1’

Dobby may not have been in the movies as much as he was in the books, however he was a fan favourite character that had a phenomenal return in the seventh installment of the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise. This just adds to the emotional gut punch watching Dobby die in Harry’s arms after saving Mr. Potter and co. one last time.


  1. Will Being Stood Up by His Biological Father in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’

The show had its fair share of emotional moments, but you cannot watch this famous scene and not help but get a little teary eyed before full on ugly crying into Uncle Phil’s shoulder. We watch as Will comes to terms with the fact his father isn’t the man Will wants him to be, and refuses to turn out like him before breaking down and uttering the iconic line “How come he don’t want me man.”


  1. Old Couple Cuddling in Bed Before the Ship Sinks in ‘Titanic’

In a movie where you know every character we meet on the ship most likely isn’t making it to the credits, something about watching this elderly couple cuddle in bed as the ship sinks just hits you right in the feels.


  1. Tony Stark’s Sacrifice in ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Going into ‘Endgame’ fans knew they were in for an emotional roller coaster, but when we caught up with Tony Stark and saw he’d had a daughter, we knew this story wouldn’t have a happy ending. Tony sacrificing himself to defeat Thanos and his army will go down in history, we will always love RDJ 3000.


  1. Bambi’s Mom in ‘Bambi’

Disney seriously needs some sort of counselling, they love killing parental figures in their films made for CHILDREN! Bambi calling out to his mother after being separated will break even the most stone cold person upon their first viewing, no one wants to see a kid lose their parent in such a sad and brutal way.


  1. Marley’s Death in ‘Marley and Me’

Did you really think the animal death would end? This movie will go down in the history books for being the most feel good movie that you’ll never want to finish. Who’s idea was it to make us fall in love with this spunky golden retriever only to kill the poor soul at the end. If you didn’t ugly cry at the end of this, the number one will get you everytime.


  1. Mufasa’s Death in ‘Lion King’

Who didn’t see this one coming? Disney is back at it again killing parents in their kids movies. Not only is the scene one of the most intense in history, but it ends with a young Simba begging his father to wake up before laying down beside him. The pain in Simba’s voice takes this already sad scene to the next level of sadness.



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