Comedian Married To Danielle Fishel Says He Found Shrimp Tails — And More — In His Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Comedian Married To Danielle Fishel Says He Found Shrimp Tails — And More — In His Cinnamon Toast Crunch

You might see Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Topanga trending this morning, and there’s a crazy explanation for this. Comedian and writer Jensen Karp, shared photos on Twitter of what he believes were Shrimp tails in his box of cereal. After he tweeted it, he shared the responses from the Cinnamon Toast Crunch social media team, who assured him after looking at the photo for 2 minutes, they were clumps of sugar. He replies: “After further investigation with my eyes, these are cinnamon coated SHRIMP TAILS, you weirdos. I wasn’t all that mad until you now tried to gaslight me?”



As The National Post points out, several other social media users also criticized the brand for their response, arguing that the cereal could have been dangerous to those with a shrimp allergy. But the discoveries didn’t stop there. When Karp’s wife got home, she investigated more because she had a strong stomach. She found what they believe may be rodant droppings and maybe some kind of dental floss.


What blew people’s minds the most – his wife played Topanga on Boy Meets World! It’s Danielle Fishel’s husband.

Getting on with the story — the company asked him to send them the alleged shrimp tails and all the packaging so they could investigate. He offered up one to them, but wanted to take the other to a lab for his own testing since they were being ‘super sketchy’ about the discovery. A lab reached out and offered up independent look into what was found in the box of cereal. He continued to document his correspondence, which disappears for a long while (likely because the big wigs had to get involved at that point). CTC then released a statement saying they are confident this did not happen at their facility.


“I have NO idea how this stuff got in my cereal bags and neither does @CTCSquares. It definitely could’ve been contaminated in the Costco (though that doesn’t explain the squares with black stuff COOKED on it or the sugar coating on the shrimp). My point is — their initial reaction to shellfish being in the bag was to tell me it was sugar. Not to investigate the issue or look into it. It’s a deadly allergy to many (and non-Kosher) and that didn’t seem to matter beyond offering me a new box. Anyway, I’m testing the DNA of a shrimp tail now. So, I hope everyone is happy.”

You better believe we will update you!


And to sum it up:




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